Two Bears Screen Print

17″x11″ Screen Print, 1/14

Winter ’10

After trying out lithography, I knew I didn’t want to stop trying my hand at printmaking. This piece was completely experimental, and I was very pleased with the results. It was inspired by a Rorschach test, and can yield many different interpretations depending on whether or not you look at the negative space around the ink blots, or the ink blots themselves. To create it, I took a piece of acetone paper and drew on it for the general shapes. After that, I dribbled rubbing alcohol across half of the page and folded it in half, pressing the two sides together. I let the rubbing alcohol dry, and then repeated the process several times, occasionally going back in with ink again to touch up certain spots. The acetone became extremely wrinkled, so exposing the image to the screen was tricky, but the intricate little lines created by the path of the liquid were exactly the look I was going for. I wanted the image to look worn and a bit muddy, so I diluted the black ink before printing it. A handful of them got two layers of the same black color, because I wanted to test out how the image looked if the lines were slightly off.